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Chess On The Web is a browser based correspondence chess server.
This site is a site to play chess by mail ( with level tournaments )
The games are played with 5 days at the beginning, then each player will receive an extra 36 hours for all the moves( see the rules ).
It' s totally FREE !
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Correspondence chess ?
Correspondence chess is chess played by some sort of long-distance correspondence, usually through a Correspondence Chess Server. A correspondence chess server like Chess-Mail keeps track of games, validate moves, and notify players of submitted moves by e-mail. Correspondence chess allows people geographically distant to play one another without meeting in person. The length of a game played by correspondence chess can vary depending on the method used to transmit the moves - a game played on the internet via online chess server may last from several weeks to several months. In correspondence chess several games are usually played at once.
. The games are played with :
5 days + 36h for each move

. Possibility of taking holidays to stop your time.