Fri May 17

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Derniers Coups



1. TIME CONTROL: A fixed period of 5 days is given at the start of the game and then 36 hours are added after each move.
The capital time can' t exceed 20 days;

2. HOLIDAY: When you declare being in holiday, your time remains unchanged for any of your games, even if it is your move. To end your holiday period, click on” End of my holidays” in your account.

3. HOLIDAY TIME: Once registered, you are entitled to 4 weeks’ holidays, then, every month, you are entitled to one extra week. Your capital vacancy cannot exceed 4 weeks.

4. ELO : If the game is ends with less than 2 moves, the result doesn' t modify the elo.

5. TITLES : A player can win a title for one year, if he is "rated" at the beginning of the tournament and if he win the tournament alone.
: First at a tournament level 0.
: First at a tournament level 1.
: First at a tournament level 2.
:First at a tournament level 3.
:First at a tournament level 4.
:First at a tournament level 5.
: First at a tournament level 6.
: First at a tournament level 7.
: First at a tournament level 8.
: Second, third or fourth at King of Chess-Mail.
: First at King of Chess-Mail.
:15000 Moves played ( You can see the number of moves played in your description )
:50000 Moves played
:200000 Moves played

6. UPDATE : The results and the elo ar updated every 24 hours.

7. Every 15th of the month: If the median of rated players is greater than 2000: All players lose 10 points.
If the median of rated players is less than 1900: All players earn 10 points.

8. To check the draw ( threefold repetition ; the fifty-move rule ) : Click on "Send and offer the draw".

9. No books or no chess engines (or similar chess software) to suggest moves.