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benzen's Tournaments

12-12-09Tournament n6240
12-11-12Tournament n6175
12-10-17Tournament n6125
12-09-15Tournament n6051
12-08-23Team : slovenia chess - Latinoamerica
12-08-15Tournament n5963
12-07-19Tournament n5917
12-06-16Tournament n5826
12-05-20Tournament n5774
12-04-23Tournament n5707
12-04-03Tournament n5671
12-02-27Tournament n5580
12-02-02Tournament n5511
12-01-25Tournament n5492
12-01-03Tournament n5427
11-12-07Tournament n5358
11-11-27Tournament n5335
11-11-19Team : slovenia chess - mapejk
11-10-27Tournament n5250
11-09-16Tournament n5148
11-09-08Tournament n5130
11-08-27Tournament n5097
11-08-24Tournament n5089
11-06-24Tournament n4946
11-06-11Tournament n4920
11-06-11Tournament n4917
11-05-17Tournament n4869
11-04-29Tournament n4841
11-04-12Tournament n4812
11-03-23Team : slovenia chess - Black Kings
11-03-22Tournament n4764
11-03-16Tournament n4752
11-02-27Tournament n4716
11-02-15Tournament n4695
11-01-27Tournament n4662
11-01-26Tournament n4654
11-01-09Tournament n4635
10-12-22Tournament n4604
10-12-20Tournament n4601
10-11-19Tournament n4534
10-11-06Tournament n4508
10-10-08Tournament n4460
10-09-17Tournament n4417
10-08-21Tournament n4371
10-08-09Tournament n4349
10-07-28Tournament n4329
10-05-17Tournament n4183
10-05-14Tournament n4174
10-05-10Tournament n4168
10-04-14Tournament n4114
10-04-02Tournament n4088
10-03-28Tournament n4084
10-03-01Tournament n4039
10-02-27Tournament n4034
10-02-18Tournament n4020
10-02-09Tournament n3997
10-02-07Team : slovenia chess - NoWar
10-02-06Tournament n3989
10-01-29Tournament n3954
09-12-31Tournament n3895
09-12-26Tournament n3869
09-12-08Tournament n3832
09-11-28Tournament n3803
09-11-08Tournament n3763
09-11-05Tournament n3752
09-10-21Tournament n3724
09-10-14Tournament n3710
09-10-06Tournament n3693
09-08-23Team : slovenia chess - OPEN
09-08-22Tournament n3597
09-08-01Tournament n3549
09-07-30Tournament n3544
09-07-22Tournament n3528
09-07-14Team : CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE - slovenia chess
09-07-06Tournament n3499
09-06-23Tournament n3479
09-06-12Tournament n3449
09-06-02Tournament n3431
09-05-22Team : slovenia chess - SIETE ESTRELLAS VERDES
09-05-21Tournament n3404
09-05-17Tournament n3391
09-05-04Tournament n3374
09-04-18Team : slovenia chess - The Best Chess
09-03-29Tournament n3312
09-03-18Tournament n3296
09-02-23C37 KGA Lolli gambit
09-02-10Tournament n3224
09-01-26Tournament n3194
09-01-21Tournament n3181
09-01-17Tournament n3178
09-01-17Team : slovenia chess - Chess Bullets
09-01-05Tournament n3159
09-01-04Tournament n3149
08-12-24Tournament n3125
08-12-10Tournament n3099
08-12-04Tournament n3091
08-11-30Tournament n3078
08-11-21Tournament n3058
08-11-12Tournament n3037
08-11-01Tournament n3012
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