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borrell's Tournaments

12-05-20Tournament n5769
12-04-27Tournament n5710
12-03-10Tournament n5614
12-03-09Tournament n5610
12-01-30Tournament n5496
12-01-20Tournament n5475
12-01-15Tournament n5462
12-01-10Tournament n5449
12-01-06Tournament n5436
11-10-19Tournament n5227
11-01-07Tournament n4624
11-01-02Tournament n4612
10-12-26Tournament n4605
10-12-09Tournament n4577
10-12-09Tournament n4580
10-11-23Tournament n4542
10-11-23Tournament n4535
10-10-14Tournament n4472
10-10-09Team : The Bishop of Stein - Equipo Juan Diaz
10-10-08Team : Equipo Juan Diaz - La Taverne
10-09-22Autumn 2010 (1700 Elo and above)
10-09-16Team : Chess Club - Equipo Juan Diaz
10-09-07Team : Equipo Juan Diaz - Dream Team
10-08-28Tournament n4381
10-08-22Tournament n4371
10-08-17Team : NoWar - Equipo Juan Diaz
10-08-10Team : mapejk - Equipo Juan Diaz
10-08-01Tournament n4337
10-07-23Tournament n4322
10-07-23Tournament n4317
10-07-19Tournament n4313
10-07-19Tournament n4312
10-07-17Tournament n4307
10-07-15Tournament n4305
08-06-29Tournament n2743
08-06-21Summer 2008 (1700 Elo and above)
08-05-17Tournament n2658
08-04-27Tournament n2618
08-03-21Spring day 2008 (1700 Elo and above)
08-03-09Tournament n2496
08-03-03Tournament n2480
08-02-10Tournament n2421
08-02-03Tournament n2409
08-02-02Tournament n2408
08-02-02Tournament n2404
07-10-26Tournament n2173
07-08-14Tournament n2015
07-04-09Team : DALIGCON Pawns - mapejk
07-03-23Team : No Mercy - mapejk
07-03-22Tournament n1687
07-03-19Tournament n1683
07-03-18Tournament n1681
07-03-01Tournament n1639
07-02-24Tournament n1631
07-02-18Tournament n1617
07-02-13Tournament n1610
07-02-11Tournament n1606
07-02-08Team : mapejk - San Miguel Knights V
07-02-04Tournament n1593
07-01-22Tournament n1558
07-01-15Tournament n1540
07-01-06Tournament n1526
07-01-03Tournament n1524
06-12-28Tournament n1513
06-12-25Tournament n1508
06-10-04Tournament n1318
06-09-19Tournament n1282
06-09-14Tournament n1271
06-09-05Double Round Robin U2000
06-09-04Tournament n1250
06-08-16Summer 2006 (1700 Elo and above)
06-08-06Tournament n1191
06-07-31Tournament n1180
06-07-29Tournament n1177
06-07-28Tournament n1172
06-07-27Tournament n1166
06-07-24Tournament n1163
06-07-22Team : New international Boys - Black Kings
06-07-22Team : New international Boys - BobbyFischersDead
06-07-19Tournament n1149
06-07-15Tournament n1140
06-07-11Tournament n1131
06-06-30Tournament n1108
06-06-25Tournament n1101
06-06-19Team : New international Boys - Dream Team
06-06-16Tournament n1085
06-06-10Tournament n1079
06-06-09Tournament n1071
06-06-04Tournament n1064
06-06-01Team : New international Boys - shmartno chess
06-05-31Tournament n1053
06-05-31Team : Black Kings - New international Boys
06-05-29Bishops Turnament
06-05-28Tournament n1049
06-05-16Team : New international Boys - Gens Una Sumus
06-04-11French Defense
06-04-07Team : New international Boys - BobbyFischersDead
06-04-07Team : New international Boys - Argentina
06-04-04birds openigng
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