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liencam2's Tournaments

23-11-14Tournament n10908
22-12-04Tournament n10786
22-06-14Tournament n10732
21-11-16Tournament n10648
21-07-21Tournament n10577
21-05-01Tournament n10551
20-03-16Tournament n10329
19-07-09Tournament n10172
19-02-09Tournament n10074
18-06-23Tournament n9876
18-05-02Tournament n9823
17-12-31Tournament n9686
17-12-08Tournament n9660
17-11-07Tournament n9616
17-09-20Tournament n9544
17-07-29Tournament n9473
17-01-17Tournament n9204
16-12-23Tournament n9151
16-11-12Tournament n9069
16-09-09Tournament n8966
16-08-11Tournament n8923
16-06-20Tournament n8856
16-02-04Tournament n8625
15-11-21Tournament n8494
15-10-29Tournament n8465
15-10-11Tournament n8439
15-10-03Tournament n8427
15-09-19Tournament n8405
15-09-05Tournament n8390
15-08-22Tournament n8369
15-07-22Tournament n8329
15-07-21Tournament n8321
15-06-21Tournament n8298
15-06-02Tournament n8273
15-05-04Tournament n8238
15-04-14Tournament n8203
15-04-03Tournament n8177
15-03-14Tournament n8145
15-02-20Tournament n8111
15-02-14Tournament n8100
15-02-07Tournament n8078
15-01-01Tournament n7991
14-12-24Tournament n7965
14-12-18Tournament n7942
14-11-21Tournament n7895
14-11-18Tournament n7885
14-10-27Tournament n7837
14-10-16Tournament n7809
14-09-29Tournament n7764
14-09-06Tournament n7694
14-09-01Tournament n7685
14-08-17Tournament n7652
14-07-12Tournament n7553
14-06-28Tournament n7528
14-06-14Tournament n7490
14-05-21Tournament n7437
14-05-12Tournament n7425
14-04-26Tournament n7380
14-04-17Tournament n7352
14-04-11Tournament n7343
14-03-31Tournament n7316
14-03-02Tournament n7255
14-02-24Tournament n7246
14-02-06Tournament n7198
14-01-22Tournament n7164
14-01-09Tournament n7120
13-12-12Tournament n7046
13-12-07Tournament n7036
13-11-21Tournament n6995
13-11-14Tournament n6981
13-11-04Tournament n6957
13-10-21Tournament n6922
13-10-04Tournament n6888
13-09-22Autumn 2013 (1700 Elo and above)
13-09-20Tournament n6859
13-08-28Tournament n6799
13-08-17Tournament n6781
13-07-30Tournament n6740
13-07-26Tournament n6726
13-06-26Summer III
13-06-25Tournament n6668
13-06-10Tournament n6634
13-05-20Tournament n6596
13-05-10Tournament n6576
13-05-02Tournament n6560
13-04-16Tournament n6533
13-04-09Tournament n6518
13-03-30Tournament n6499
13-03-03Tournament n6438
13-02-16Tournament n6410
13-02-11Tournament n6400
13-01-24Tournament n6355
13-01-09brighton 2013
12-12-24Tournament n6280
12-12-08Tournament n6237
12-11-25Tournament n6194
12-11-13Tournament n6174
12-10-28Tournament n6140
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