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msabec3's Tournaments

07-08-13champion Cup
07-07-30wild game
07-07-28Tournament n1979
07-07-10Team : Thot - Aaron20
07-07-04Tournament n1934
07-06-26Summer 2007 (1700 Elo and above)
07-06-26Tournament n1916
07-06-22Tournament n1911
07-06-22Tournament n1912
07-06-10Chacal s Tournament
07-06-09Tournament n1880
07-06-09Tournament n1879
07-06-09Tournament n1877
07-06-06Tournament n1872
07-06-02Tournament n1859
07-06-01Tournament n1854
07-05-24Tournament n1834
07-05-24Tournament n1837
07-05-21Team : Thot - Gnothi se auton
07-05-20Tournament n1828
07-05-13Tournament n1814
07-05-09Tournament n1803
07-05-06Tournament n1800
07-04-25Tournament n1767
07-04-23Tournament n1759
07-04-22Tournament n1756
07-04-16Tournament n1743
07-04-15Tournament n1739
07-04-15Tournament n1738
07-03-30Tournament n1705
07-03-28Tournament n1697
07-03-19JM Torneio 4
07-03-14Tournament n1673
07-03-10Tournament n1667
07-03-07Caro Kahn
07-03-05Tournament n1658
07-03-05Tournament n1655
07-03-03Tournament n1650
07-02-28Tournament n1640
07-02-26Tournament n1636
07-02-21Tournament n1628
07-02-21Tournament n1626
07-02-19Tournament n1623
07-02-18Scandinavian defense only
07-02-16Tournament n1618
07-02-16Tournament n1614
06-12-29Team : DALIGCON Pawns - shmartno chess
06-12-10Tournament n1476
06-11-21Team : Team Jamboo - shmartno chess
06-10-07Tournament n1311
06-09-28Tournament n1304
06-09-22Tournament n1294
06-09-22Tournament n1291
06-09-19Team : shmartno chess - Dream Team
06-09-17Tournament n1282
06-09-16Dragon Jugoslav Attack Bc4
06-09-15is pawn enough for win
06-09-05Kings Gambit007
06-09-05Double Round Robin U2000
06-09-03Tournament n1250
06-09-01Tournament n1246
06-07-23Tournament n1161
06-07-22Tournament n1157
06-07-04Tournament n1119
06-07-01Little French II
06-06-30Tournament n1117
06-06-12Tournament n1082
06-06-12Tournament n1078
06-06-11Tournament n1077
06-06-02Tournoi Gambit Dame
06-06-01Team : New international Boys - shmartno chess
06-05-29Tournament n1043
06-05-23Tournament n1032
06-05-22Team : shmartno chess - BobbyFischersDead
06-05-16Tournament n1015
06-05-07Team : shmartno chess - No Mercy
06-05-04evans gambit
06-04-22Team : BobbyFischersDead - vesdrumamo
06-04-18Level 17 Second Chance
06-04-18Tournament n929
06-04-16Tournament n926
06-03-11Tournament n836
06-03-01Tournament n805
06-02-24Team : Chess Warriors - vesdrumamo
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