Tue May 21

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uliczny2's Tournaments

15-02-20Tournament n8110
14-12-30Tournament n7982
14-12-27Tournament n7976
14-12-10Tournament n7934
14-12-07Team : Cats in the rain - Los Tercios
14-12-04Tournament n7921
14-11-30Tournament n7898
14-11-22Tournament n7887
14-11-14Tournament n7860
14-10-19Tournament n7818
14-10-19Tournament n7814
14-10-02Tournament n7773
14-09-29Tournament n7757
14-09-27Team : Cats in the rain - chibcha
14-08-21Tournament n7660
14-08-20Tournament n7644
14-08-12Tournament n7642
14-08-08Tournament n7627
14-08-01Tournament n7616
14-07-31Tournament n7608
14-07-26Tournament n7588
14-07-23Tournament n7586
14-07-16Team : Equipo Juan Diaz - Cats in the rain
14-07-11Tournament n7549
14-06-26Tournament n7518
14-06-10Tournament n7482
14-05-23Tournament n7452
14-05-21Team : SIETE ESTRELLAS VERDES - Cats in the rain
14-05-04Tournament n7403
14-04-30Tournament n7391
14-04-24Tournament n7373
14-04-24Tournament n7376
14-04-23Tournament n7371
14-04-21Tournament n7366
14-04-21Tournament n7367
14-04-20Tournament n7360
14-04-20Tournament n7364
14-04-17Tournament n7356
14-04-17Tournament n7358
14-04-16Tournament n7354
14-04-15Tournament n7348
14-04-13Tournament n7349
14-04-12Tournament n7342
14-04-10Tournament n7341
14-04-09Tournament n7339
14-04-09Tournament n7338
14-04-08Tournament n7335
14-04-02Tournament n7321
14-04-01Tournament n7320
14-04-01Tournament n7315
14-03-27Tournament n7307
14-03-26Tournament n7302
14-03-26Tournament n7293
14-03-20Tournament n7282
14-03-20Tournament n7279
14-03-03Tournament n7254
14-03-02Tournament n7253
14-02-10Tournament n7216
14-01-29Tournament n7182
14-01-28Tournament n7178
14-01-24Tournament n7169
14-01-23Tournament n7166
14-01-16Tournament n7145
14-01-09Team : La Taverne - Chessmate
13-12-30Tournament n7082
13-12-23Tournament n7076
13-12-22Tournament n7066
13-12-17Tournament n7055
13-12-11Tournament n7049
13-12-10Tournament n7044
13-12-10Tournament n7045
13-12-05Tournament n7030
13-12-03Tournament n7021
13-12-01Tournament n7015
13-11-22Tournament n7000
13-11-19Tournament n6985
13-11-13Tournament n6971
13-10-30Team : Cats in the rain - La Taverne
13-10-24Tournament n6926
13-10-18Tournament n6905
13-10-18Tournament n6923
13-10-06Tournament n6893
13-09-27Tournament n6869
13-09-23Tournament n6864
13-09-22Autumn 2013 (1700 Elo and less)
13-09-22Team : La Taverne - Brazil CheckMate
13-09-18Tournament n6855
13-09-18chessexpert 1
13-09-17Tournament n6841
13-09-17Tournament n6847
13-09-04Tournament n6813
13-09-01Tournament n6804
13-09-01Tournament n6811
13-08-28Tournament n6798
13-08-28Tournament n6803
13-08-18Tournament n6773
13-08-12Tournament n6767
13-08-11Tournament n6765
13-08-11Tournament n6768
13-07-31Tournament n6738
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