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hermes's Tournaments

14-02-08Team : Los Tercios - Latinoamerica
14-02-07Team : Chessmate - Latinoamerica
13-10-10Tournament n6900
13-09-06Team : Latinoamerica - Slap Shot Mates
13-08-28Tournament n6800
13-08-22Tournament n6789
13-08-21Tournament n6784
13-08-19Team : Brazil CheckMate - Latinoamerica
13-08-11Tournament n6762
13-07-30Team : Cats in the rain - Latinoamerica
13-07-29Team : Latinoamerica - Clubul Central de Sah
13-07-26Tournament n6726
13-07-22Tournament n6715
13-07-06Tournament n6678
13-06-27Tournament n6669
13-06-01Tournament n6620
13-06-01Team : The League Of Gentlemen - Latinoamerica
13-05-30Team : Latinoamerica - CONFOEDERATIONIS HELVETICAE
13-05-14Tournament n6583
13-03-27Tournament n6491
13-01-20Team : Latinoamerica - captain
12-12-26Christmas 2012 (1700 Elo and above)
12-12-20Team : Clubul Central de Sah - Latinoamerica
12-12-02Tournament n6219
12-11-17Tournament n6183
12-11-04Tournament n6158
12-08-23Team : slovenia chess - Latinoamerica
12-08-04Tournament n5946
12-04-23ChessPlayerRO 1st CUP
12-04-21watford 7 classic
12-04-20Tournament n5706
12-04-20Tournament n5707
12-04-17Tournament n5702
12-04-17Tournament n5696
12-04-12Tournament n5688
12-03-30CoppaCaroLuigi2 la vendetta
12-03-30Tournament n5664
12-03-29Tournament n5662
12-03-28Tournament n5657
12-03-18Spring in Istanbul
12-03-14Tournament n5627
12-03-11Tournament n5616
12-03-11Tournament n5617
12-03-09Tournament n5609
12-03-07Tournament n5604
12-03-05Tournament n5600
12-03-04Tournament n5599
10-03-17Tournament n4065
09-12-17Tournament n3850
09-12-07Tournament n3829
09-12-07Tournament n3825
09-11-28Tournament n3803
09-11-12Tournament n3774
09-11-12Tournament n3772
09-09-26Tournament n3672
09-09-24Tournament n3666
09-09-13Tournament n3646
09-08-22Tournament n3603
09-08-22Tournament n3597
09-08-22Tournament n3601
09-07-18Glory or Death III
09-07-01Tournament n3490
09-07-01Tournament n3491
09-06-22Summer 2009 (1700 Elo and above)
09-06-17Tournament n3462
09-06-16Tournament n3458
09-06-14Tournament n3454
09-06-10Tournament n3448
09-06-01Tournament n3423
09-05-22Tournament n3404
09-05-19Tournament n3396
09-05-12Tournament n3381
09-05-12Tournament n3382
09-05-09Tournament n3378
09-05-08Tournament n3377
09-05-02Tournament n3369
09-04-29Tournament n3366
09-04-23Tournament n3352
09-01-07Tournament n3161
08-12-25Team : Thot - The Best Chess
08-12-24Team : vesdrumamo - Thot
08-12-04Tournament n3083
08-11-29Team : Thot - Mahernozian Knights
08-11-26Team : San Miguel Knights V - Thot
08-11-20Team : Russkaya Komanda - Thot
08-11-12Tournament n3037
08-10-28Tournament n3002
08-10-28Tournament n2995
08-10-14Team : Thot - Chess Club
08-10-14Team : Dream Team - Thot
08-10-06Glory or Death II
08-10-01Team : White Kings - Thot
08-09-23Autumn 2008 (1700 Elo and above)
08-09-22Tournament n2912
08-09-19Tournament n2910
08-09-18Tournament n2907
08-07-30Tournament n2795
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