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coventry's Tournaments

16-05-25Tournament n8810
16-05-24Tournament n8805
16-05-22Tournament n8795
16-05-17Tournament n8789
16-05-13Tournament n8785
16-05-13Tournament n8784
16-05-02Tournament n8762
16-05-02Tournament n8761
16-04-09Tournament n8730
16-04-06Tournament n8726
16-03-28Tournament n8716
16-03-13Tournament n8695
16-03-04Tournament n8685
16-02-29Tournament n8681
14-10-21Tournament n7816
14-10-18Team : chibcha - Helvetica B
14-10-14Tournament n7804
14-10-03Tournament n7774
14-04-28Tournament n7385
14-04-28Tournament n7386
14-04-26Tournament n7380
14-04-21Tournament n7368
14-04-21Tournament n7363
14-04-02Tournament n7323
14-02-03Tournament n7198
14-02-03Tournament n7197
14-01-31Tournament n7187
14-01-30Tournament n7180
14-01-20Tournament n7158
14-01-20Tournament n7148
14-01-12Tournament n7135
14-01-04Tournament n7111
13-12-29Tournament n7090
13-12-25Tournament n7079
13-12-24Tournament n7078
13-12-23Tournament n7073
13-12-23Tournament n7069
13-12-18Tournament n7061
13-12-10Tournament n7046
13-12-08Tournament n7041
13-12-06Tournament n7036
13-12-04Tournament n7032
13-12-03Tournament n7027
13-11-24Tournament n7007
13-11-18Tournament n6993
13-11-15Tournament n6986
13-11-14Tournament n6981
13-11-13Tournament n6979
13-11-13Tournament n6978
13-11-10Tournament n6970
13-11-08Tournament n6969
13-11-06Tournament n6959
13-11-04Tournament n6957
13-11-01Halloween 2013 (1700 Elo and above)
13-10-28coventry chess 4
13-10-25Tournament n6936
13-10-24Tournament n6934
13-10-18Tournament n6922
13-10-15Tournament n6916
13-10-13Tournament n6912
13-10-06coventry chess 3
13-10-05Tournament n6890
13-09-30coventry chess 2
13-09-28Tournament n6872
13-09-24Tournament n6867
13-09-22Autumn 2013 (1700 Elo and above)
13-09-21Tournament n6863
13-09-20Tournament n6861
13-09-20Tournament n6859
13-09-17Tournament n6848
13-09-17Tournament n6851
13-09-15Tournament n6849
13-09-15Tournament n6846
13-09-13Tournament n6839
13-09-11Tournament n6830
13-09-09Tournament n6829
13-09-09Tournament n6827
13-09-05coventry chess 1
13-08-29FOR ELO 1000 TO 2000
13-08-28Tournament n6802
13-08-28Tournament n6801
13-08-26Tournament n6797
13-08-25Tournament n6794
13-08-25Tournament n6791
13-08-23Tournament n6785
13-08-17Tournament n6778
13-08-17Tournament n6780
13-08-17Autumn 2013
13-08-15Tournament n6775
13-08-14Tournament n6770
13-08-14Tournament n6772
13-08-14My Cup 4
13-08-13Tournament n6768
13-08-09Tournament n6765
13-08-09Tournament n6766
13-05-25coventry classic 3
13-05-20Tournament n6597
13-02-25Best of 2012
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