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leeds's Tournaments

16-01-23Tournament n8607
16-01-16Tournament n8597
16-01-10Tournament n8585
16-01-10Tournament n8588
16-01-08Tournament n8579
16-01-08Tournament n8580
15-12-23Tournament n8554
14-10-17Tournament n7810
14-10-06Tournament n7779
14-09-18Tournament n7737
14-09-15Tournament n7726
14-09-15Tournament n7725
14-09-15Tournament n7724
14-09-14Tournament n7722
14-09-14Tournament n7720
14-09-14Tournament n7721
14-09-11Tournament n7713
14-09-07Tournament n7701
14-09-07Tournament n7702
14-09-06Tournament n7698
14-08-26Tournament n7672
14-08-25Tournament n7668
14-08-24Tournament n7661
14-08-06Tournament n7632
14-07-31Tournament n7614
14-07-23Tournament n7587
14-07-23Tournament n7585
14-07-21Tournament n7582
14-07-09Tournament n7559
14-07-09Tournament n7555
14-07-07Tournament n7551
14-07-07Tournament n7552
14-07-06Tournament n7550
14-07-06Tournament n7548
14-07-04Tournament n7545
14-07-03Tournament n7544
14-06-28Tournament n7528
14-06-28Tournament n7525
14-06-26Tournament n7522
14-06-26Tournament n7523
14-06-24Tournament n7516
14-06-22Tournament n7512
14-06-06Tournament n7484
14-05-08Tournament n7415
14-05-07Tournament n7410
14-05-01Tournament n7395
14-04-24Tournament n7375
14-04-19Tournament n7361
14-04-13Tournament n7350
14-04-07Tournament n7331
14-03-30Tournament n7313
14-03-29Tournament n7311
14-03-26Tournament n7308
14-03-26Tournament n7306
14-03-24Tournament n7300
14-03-24Tournament n7301
14-03-15Tournament n7283
14-03-15Tournament n7281
14-02-23Tournament n7244
14-02-23Tournament n7245
14-02-22Tournament n7243
14-02-20Tournament n7239
14-02-19Tournament n7236
14-02-18Tournament n7235
14-02-17Tournament n7233
14-02-16Tournament n7228
14-02-15Tournament n7224
14-02-12Tournament n7219
14-02-12Tournament n7221
14-02-12Tournament n7213
14-02-09Tournament n7210
14-02-09Tournament n7208
14-02-06Tournament n7203
14-02-04Tournament n7200
14-02-04Tournament n7199
14-02-02Tournament n7193
14-02-01Tournament n7189
14-01-24Tournament n7171
14-01-24Tournament n7168
14-01-01Tournament n7098
13-11-01Halloween 2013 (1700 Elo and above)
13-09-28Tournament n6876
13-09-21Its only My cup 5
13-07-21Tournament n6716
13-07-21Tournament n6715
13-07-14ulicznymania 7
13-06-30Tournament n6674
13-06-24Tournament n6663
13-05-28Tournament n6617
13-03-22Belgium March Open 2013
13-03-22colchester chess
13-02-16Tournament n6406
13-02-12leedschess 3
13-02-10Tournament n6397
13-02-09Tournament n6395
13-02-08Tournament n6391
13-02-06Tournament n6386
12-12-30leedschess 2
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