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rodemund's Tournaments

15-04-12Team : Angolana Scacchi - Cats in the rain
15-03-23Tournament n8165
14-12-07Team : Cats in the rain - Los Tercios
14-10-26Tournament n7832
14-09-27Team : Cats in the rain - chibcha
14-07-16Team : Equipo Juan Diaz - Cats in the rain
14-06-05Tournament n7481
14-05-21Team : SIETE ESTRELLAS VERDES - Cats in the rain
14-04-17Tournament n7356
14-03-08Team : Slap Shot Mates - Cats in the rain
14-01-20Team : Cats in the rain - captain
14-01-18Tournament n7145
13-10-30Team : Cats in the rain - La Taverne
13-09-22Autumn 2013 (1700 Elo and less)
13-09-20Tournament n6860
13-07-30Team : Cats in the rain - Latinoamerica
13-07-21Tournament n6713
13-06-22Summer 2013 (1700 Elo and less)
13-06-07Tournament n6610
13-03-22Spring day 2013 (1700 Elo and less)
13-02-18Tournament n6408
12-12-27Tournament n6281
12-03-22Tournament n5649
11-11-29Team : Angels of Checkmate - Team USA
11-08-31Tournament n5103
10-11-15Team : Black Kings - Angels of Checkmate
10-10-25Tournament n4492
10-09-22Autumn 2010 (1700 Elo and above)
10-09-16Tournament n4411
10-08-20Team : SIETE ESTRELLAS VERDES - Angels of Checkmate
10-08-01Tournament n4342
10-07-30Team : No Mercy - Angels of Checkmate
10-05-27Tournament n4201
10-05-08Team : Angels of Checkmate - NoWar
10-03-21Thematic tournament C19
10-03-11Tournament n4056
10-03-07Team : Angels of Checkmate - Equipo Juan Diaz
10-03-02Tournament n4038
10-02-24Tournament n4027
10-02-15Tournament n4010
10-01-20Tournament n3932
10-01-20Tournament n3938
10-01-07Christmas invitational
09-12-26Christmas 2009 (1700 Elo and less)
09-12-22Tournament n3864
09-12-16Tournament n3849
09-12-16Tournament n3844
09-12-03Tournament n3819
09-12-02Tournament n3815
09-11-25Tournament n3802
09-11-21Team : Angels of Checkmate - The League Of Gentlemen
09-11-19Tournament n3786
09-11-18Tournament n3781
09-11-13Tournament n3775
09-11-12Tournament n3765
09-11-02Tournament n3747
09-11-02Tournament n3744
09-10-21Tournament n3716
09-10-16Tournament n3709
09-10-16Tournament n3713
09-09-24Autumn 2009 (1700 Elo and less)
09-09-07Tournament n3629
09-06-22Summer 2009 (1700 Elo and less)
09-06-09Tournament n3443
09-05-20Tournament n3401
09-04-20Tournament n3342
09-03-21Spring day 2009 (1700 Elo and less)
09-02-23Team : Angels of Checkmate - The League Of Gentlemen
09-02-10Tournament n3231
09-02-08Tournament n3222
09-01-22Brain Damage II
09-01-08Tournament n3158
08-12-27Team : SIETE ESTRELLAS VERDES - Angels of Checkmate
08-12-26Christmas 2008 (1700 Elo and less)
08-12-09Team : mapejk - Angels of Checkmate
08-11-28Brain Damage I
08-11-26Tournament n3067
08-11-14Tournament n3041
08-11-10Tournament n3031
08-09-21Tournament n2898
08-07-11Team : Angels of Checkmate - vesdrumamo
08-07-03Tournament n2744
08-06-21Summer 2008 (1700 Elo and less)
08-05-27Ruy Lopez
08-05-26Tournament n2670
08-05-20Tournament n2669
08-05-08Tournament n2636
08-05-02Ataque Torrre o Torre Attack
08-04-29Tournament n2617
08-04-28Tournament n2624
08-04-22Tournament n2595
08-03-21Spring day 2008 (1700 Elo and less)
08-03-09Slipknot Gambit
08-03-08Under 1750 caro kahn
08-02-28Team : Mighty Kings - Angels of Checkmate
08-02-18Chesshunter0s 1st Tournament
08-02-16under 1700 anti borg opening
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