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russkygb's Tournaments

10-03-21Team : SIETE ESTRELLAS VERDES - The League Of Gentlemen
08-09-06Austrian Dragon
08-07-14Tournament n2767
08-07-13dra 08
08-07-10Tournament n2762
08-07-03Tournament n2755
08-07-01Tournament n2748
08-06-27Tournament n2742
08-06-21Tournament n2730
08-06-21Summer 2008 (1700 Elo and less)
08-06-19Tournament n2726
08-06-16Tournament n2722
08-06-14closed sicilian
08-06-13Tournament n2714
08-06-12Tournament n2712
08-06-09Tournament n2708
08-06-07Tournament n2703
08-06-03Tournament n2696
08-06-01Tournament n2686
08-05-29Team : vesdrumamo - The League Of Gentlemen
08-05-28Tournament n2687
08-05-27Tournament n2682
08-05-23Tournament n2677
08-05-22Tournament n2673
08-05-20Tournament n2669
08-05-19Tournament n2663
08-05-16St George Cup
08-05-16Tournament n2659
08-05-14Tournament n2656
08-05-09Tournament n2645
08-05-02Tournament n2634
08-05-02Tournament n2633
08-04-30Team : Mahernozian Knights - The League Of Gentlemen
08-04-28Tournament n2624
08-04-27Tournament n2620
08-04-26Tournament n2619
08-04-24Tournament n2616
08-04-22Tournament n2610
08-04-21Tournament n2609
08-04-18Tournament n2601
08-04-17Tournament n2598
08-04-15Tournament n2594
08-04-13Tournament n2583
08-04-12Funny chess
08-04-10Tournament n2574
08-04-09Tournament n2578
08-04-03English opening
08-04-01Tournament n2559
08-04-01nimzo indian under 1750
08-03-29Tournament n2551
08-03-28Tournament n2554
08-03-27Tournament n2546
08-03-27Tournament n2548
08-03-25Tournament n2544
08-03-25Tournament n2542
08-03-24Tournament n2540
08-03-23Tournament n2535
08-03-21Tournament n2530
08-03-21Spring day 2008 (1700 Elo and less)
08-03-20Tournament n2528
08-03-18Tournament n2523
08-03-18Tournament n2524
08-03-16Tournament n2517
08-03-16Tournament n2516
08-03-14Tournament n2515
08-03-13Tournament n2513
08-03-12Tournament n2510
08-03-12Tournament n2509
08-03-11Tournament n2506
08-03-10Tournament n2501
08-03-09Tournament n2498
08-03-08Under 1750 caro kahn
08-03-07Team : The League Of Gentlemen - The Bishop of Stein
08-03-05Tournament n2489
08-03-03Tournament n2483
08-03-01Tournament n2475
08-02-28Tournament n2473
08-02-27Tournament n2472
08-02-24Tournament n2464
08-02-23Tournament n2463
08-02-23Tournament n2462
08-02-22Tournament n2457
08-02-19Tournament n2451
08-02-18Tournament n2450
08-02-18Chesshunter0s 1st Tournament
08-02-18Tournament n2446
08-02-16under 1700 anti borg opening
08-02-15Tournament n2440
08-02-15Tournament n2438
08-02-13bingo bongo
08-02-12Tournament n2435
08-02-09Tournament n2428
08-02-08Tournament n2425
08-02-07Tournament n2420
08-02-07Team : New Team - The League Of Gentlemen
08-02-06Wild Evans
08-02-06Tournament n2415
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